Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wargames.My 2011 - crypto200

 Above is the ciphered words given to the players. What the players need to do? Decode it,simple :P Google images for "logo cipher" or "code image". And lots of images with their own cipher code from the images. Find the one that similar to the crypto200.png There are some that you can list in. 1 - freemason cipher 2 - pigpen cipher 3 - more.. I chose pigpen cipher since that's the most similar to the crypto200.png.. My friend said it is ok to chose either one since the next step after deciphering this cipher is the real challenge. once decode it to words,this is what i got
ndeunf ofqugzdg cdru kuus zdpul
dsl giyisp uatvsuseiannf ev kgisp
lvzs ovgghtecl pvrugswusey dsl eh
ogudeu egdsytdgusof dsl kgispisp
tvzug kdom ev ecu tuvtnu!zlugu
ecugu iy sv riyivs,ecu tuvtnu zinn

svz dsyzug;zcioc pgvht zdy gfds
onudgf doohyul vx ev ku dyyvoideul
ziec?wl5 ecudsyzug dsl yhkwie ecu
yhw.ecde iy fvhgxnp.
End? not yet! you still need to decode the 2nd cipher,Substitution Cipher! Here's a wikilink for this cipher. how this cipher works? here's an example rabbit - real words. so the person who want to send this message want to cipher it,so he substitute letter r = x, a = w, b = e, i = k, t = u so the rabbit,once ciphered will become xweeku. so,how to get the real answer for this challenge? reverse the decoded words up there :P thanks.