Sunday, March 13, 2011

Universal USB Installer - Easy Way to Make Bootable USB

I want to share with all how to make USB bootable linux using Universal USB Installer.

What you need?
- Any Linux image(.iso) that you want to make it bootable using USB.
- Flashdrive,thumbdrive minimum with 1Gb size.
- And make sure your PC have the USB port :)

How to use?

1 - Download the installer from here

2 - After that, just run the file.
a) I agree. Then choose your preferred.
b) find the location to the image.
c) In my case, the installer cant detect my image's location automatically,so I just put the full path manually in the location box. As example I put my Fedora at Desktop. So the full path will be

3 - Then choose your USB Drive. Tick format so it will format your USB to FAT32.

4 - And then you just need to wait until it complete.

Have a try! :)

credit to :

other recommended software
- unetbootin
- linuxliveusb