Sunday, February 3, 2013

How I spent my free day

Ever heard about BugCrowd?
Just knew about this recently. Thanks God I noticed from someone's tweet mentioning about this program.

BugCrowd - A Bug Bounty Program 

Do they offer any reward if we found any bugs in their website?
NO! They run managed bug bounties as their business. If there's any organisation want to do some testing on their websites, this guy will come around!

How the program works?
They will email the details when there's any website available for testing. A worth reward will be given as well!

How you can join this program?
Just register in their official blog here and just need to wait for their updates!
Fyi, there's already Beta 004 mode. So, it still not too late to join the program :D

Did they really give you the reward?
:) Just joined their Beta 003 recently and...

For more, follow their updates from their twitter @bugcrowd