Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Facebook Bug Bounty - Finally :D

Facebook Inc have their own Bug Bounty Program which you can find it here. The reward quite interesting.
On 9th May, I found a SQLi Bug in one of their acquisition. I submitted to their team and they acknowledge it.

On 29th May, I noticed that the bug had been fixed, and I shoot an email on that to their team asking for confirmation and of course waiting for my reward :P

However, there's no reply. At first its quite frustrating, but after thinking back when my first reward with Paypal bug bounty, they took quite a time as well. So I just waiting patiently. Even one of my buddy, Prakhar in his comment for this blog

So today,that day has come :D
The email that I have been waiting for was sent to my inbox.

Another mission accomplished!!

The POC? I'll share it on my next post :)