Monday, April 15, 2013

Ihack2013 - Forensic Writeup Challenge 100 Point - Image Analysis

Here's the 2nd one for Forensic Challenge 100 points. People keep up trying on this one..seems there's no one can answer this during the unlucky :P
If you guys look back at the previous Ihack 2010 by Yondie, there's a similar puzzle given in Hack&Defence category.

Let's look at the writeup!
Team were given with this Kamen Rider GIF file.

If you guys look at the file carefully. There are several images with same design.YERP! the one with kamen rider + their airing years :P
Extract them and eliminate those that are not related.
Did you guys read the question carefully?again..there's already a CLUE in it!!
"you should start watching them"
when we'r going to watch a series, we should watch starting from the first one. So, put the kamen rider in order based on their airing years.
Some of the contestants already manage until this part,but then they dont know what to do.hahaha..
Here's the way to get the flag.
For each images extracted, look at the COLORS!

- Open up your photo editor such as GIMP or Photoshop.
- Use Color Picker Tool.
- Click on the Font's color.
- Look at the color's code!!

By put the code in order,you'll get the hex code,decode it you'll get the flag :P

muahahahahahaha :P