Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ihack2013 - Forensic Writeup Challenge 500 Point - QReption

Hopefully this last writeup will complete the solutions for all forensic questions in Ihack2013. BeardBazen, you owe me writeups for any puzzle that is(are) not published yet :P

This is the another question that no one able to solve. Yes,I made this one for that purpose LOL. This is my trump card in case any team manage to solve other questions.

Team was given with this QR image
The clue? Look at the question.
Leonardo asked if you guys ever watched inception. Its a story where a person jump into others dream and so on.. same as this puzzle. there'll be QR code in another Qr code and so on.
hahahaha..that's the real thing that you guys should do actually..BUT....

I uploaded a wrong qr file. so its impossible to solve it.muahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha just noticed it few minutes ago. ROFL!

guys,i'm sorry.haha