Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ihack2013 - Forensic Writeup Challenge 100 Point - Snow White

Hi again, another writeup from me for you guys to learn especially the 1st timer in Ihack. Most of the team really give their best in solving each puzzle/challenge. Its good to see that kind of passion in youngsters. Do send me your CV if once you graduated :P

For this challenge each team was given this kind of task

again, the clue is right in front of you..SPACEWHITE..what kind of IT related to the SPACEWHITE? its a whitespace programming.
read it here

Can see lots of contestants give some efforts in googling..but less of them give an effort to READ them carefully.
Patience young padawan. Read if you must, dont too depend on the online tools.
From the wikipedia, can see that this whitespace programming
"Onlyspacestabs and linefeeds have meaning"
Read more about it.

"Data is represented in binary using spaces (0) and tabs (1), followed by a linefeed, space-space-space-tab-space-tab-tab-linefeed is the number 11"
Yes. That's the right way to understand how to solve this puzzle. Look at the Snow White poem given during the game. Each paragraph,there'll be a weird spacing..Decode each of them to get a binary code and you'll get the flag on the spot once its been decoded.
How I can decode those spaces and tabs into binary? Simple.Use notepad++ :)

Once you replaced all the tabs and spaces available ( note that just change those between paragraph,else your poem will be messy )

the flag is th1s_!5_s0_s1mPl3