Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to using Facebook Chat in your pidgin (Windows)


My gf always online using her ipod to chat with me via facebook chat.
Since she claimed that her ipod cannot using gtalk's client.So,its ok, but chatting using facebook chat from the facebook page quite annoying. Why??

1 - the sounds
2 - the lagging
3 - the always online offline thingy
4 - the chat popup will appear in every facebook tabs that u currently open.

I'm using pidgin in my Windows.
So,after googling I found two methods.

1 - u can refer to this blog

2 - using the plugins available from the guys that really concern about this problem..keh3..

So, for the 1st method, i failed. Then I try for the another method which I found easy and working!

so here's how u want to do it.

1 - U need a pidgin of coz.

2 - Download this libfacebook plugin from here and put it in C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins\ directory.

3 - Download another plugin called json-glib from here and put it in
C:\Program Files\Pidgin\ directory.

4 - Restart your pidgin.

5 - Add your facebook account || Accounts > Manage Accounts > Add

and w00t! now u can using facebook chat via pidgin! congratz!

thx to them
any problem u can ask them :)